Vodafone Ghana is partnering with app developers in the country to fast track the growth of the local tech industry. The initiative which is geared toward infrastructure sharing creates an avenue for tech start-ups and app developers to use the Vodafone platform to share their creations with customers.

Speaking on JOY NEWS’ business leadership program, the Executive Lounge, CEO of Vodafone Ghana, Yolanda Cuba, explains the importance of incorporating local developers into telecom giant’s agenda.

She said, “What we have looked at technology as essentially has been automation, taking manual activities and automating them. Now it is about how we can use the intelligence to leap frog us forward.”

Yolanda Cuba said, “We at Vodafone are sharing our infrastructure with third party app developers in order to embed their creativity into our business.”

She said this creates a sustainable career for themselves and creates a new ecosystem in the country.

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