A former Interior Minister, Dr Benjamin Kumbour says the meeting held by some members of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Tema does not conflict with the retreat the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) organised in Ho.

His defence comes after some leading members of the party at a forum dubbed, ‘Securing NDC’s Future’ on Saturday described the party in its current state as ‘lame and an injured horse”.

As such urging its executives to adopt decisions that will resuscitate the party before it collapses.

The comments, to a section of NDC supporters and sympathisers deepens the crack in the party even further.

But speaking on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show Monday, Dr Kunbour said the intention of the forum was not to attack the works of the NEC but have conversation on matters that is gradually derailing the party.

He stressed that unlike the NEC meeting which was to tackle short term strategic arrangement, the forum was to focus on the long-term sustainability of the party.

“For the NEC there would be a conversation that is dealing with internal party matters but the conversation that was taking place in Tema was one of a very broad spectrum and with a panel who have quite some experience in terms of the history [of the party].

“So we thought that yes, by all means, let the NEC do what they are doing. And as we await NEC, there are many lines of conversation that can take place all geared towards positioning the party for the future. And one is not just talking about only the future of 2024; that’s a very limited agenda,” he said.

Mr Kunbour also stated that the forum was geared towards making NDC as the most suitable alternative party with development paths that resonates with electorates.

“Let’s not confuse the two situations. One was purely a functional inner party arrangement. I don’t know the details yet. But I’ve read in the press release that in the course of the week, they would come out with the guidelines. When those guidelines come. They will provide another line of conversation and that will be engaged.”