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Cafu: Stadium collapse was just one of those things

Former Brazil star Cafu has expressed his sadness after the death of two construction workers at the Arena de Sao Paulo on Wednesday.

A giant crane collapsed as workers tried to put the final part of the roof on the stadium, which will host six matches at the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Cafu, who made 142 appearances for Brazil and won two World Cups, said it was an accident that happened at construction sites.

"I think that accidents can happen anywhere. If you are rebuilding your house, something tragic can happen," the 43-year-old said.

"Can you imagine a construction of that size? Arena Corinthians is a massive construction site, so I think that is something normal. I think that this shouldn't affect our preparation for the World Cup.

"Obviously we are all sorry about the workers and the families' loss. These people were helping to build Arena Corinthians on time so we are deeply sorry for their families."

Sao Paulo defender Lucio, another former Brazil international, said he understood there would be fear and anxiety after the deaths.

The former Bayern Munich defender, who was in Germany when they hosted the World Cup in 2006, said the organisation in Brazil was steps behind.

"Brazil is so much bigger than Germany when they hosted the World Cup in 2006. This situation makes any organising attempt much more complex," Lucio said.

"Germany is smaller but because of their culture they are much more organised, more reliable, they keep their promises.

"I think Brazil has to be more clear and organised about everything. The country shouldn't overlook the small details.

"Obviously some will fear and get anxious about our capabilities to host this event after what has happened. I think we are capable of hosting the World Cup but how good the event will be? That's another question.

"We ask if supporters will have good public transport, a safe environment, and nobody knows the answer.

"We hope we can do it but there is no question that Germany was ahead of us by far at this stage."