Member of the Local Government and Rural Development Committee of Parliament, Sylvester Tetteh has advised against the re-run of confirmation processes for some Metropolitan, Municipal, and District Chief Executive (MMDCE) nominees as demanded by the Minority.

He noted that the Minority seeking legal redress to rectify those anomalies pointed out during the confirmation processes of some MMDCE aspirants is rather the best alternative.

According to him, if the Minority’s claim that in Shama an injunction order was breached, is anything to go by, then the said offenders including the Electoral Commission Officer who presided over the election should be cited for contempt in court.

Mr Sylvester made the suggestion during an interaction with Evans Mensah on JoyNews’ PM Express.

“I think to the minority, they know what to do. They know better that if someone violates that (an injunction), it is a contempt of court and then there is a remedy under our law. Calling for a re-run I’m not sure that is what the law prescribes in the case of contempt of court. If the court gives an injunction on a particular matter and somebody violates it, that is a contempt of court and you have to go back to the court. So calling for a re-run I’m not sure is the best remedy and the position of the law,” he said on Tuesday.

His comments come after Ranking Member on the Local Government Committee of Parliament, Nii Lante Vanderpuye, earlier on the show noted that Shama is among the five areas they want a re-run. He noted that there was breach of an injunction order.

“I saw Darko Mensah for example make a comment on the issue of Shama in the Western Region when you the Regional Minister was aware. He said he saw some papers flying around that there has been an injunction. When there has been an injunction, you don’t go ahead and have the approval,” he pointed out why.

Addressing the media on Tuesday, the Odododiodoo MP stated that the use of force on Assembly Members, prevention of qualified members from entering voting centres plus the forceful eviction of some members from voting centres makes the confirmation of some of the nominees invalid.

In Wa, there were mixed feelings among Assembly Members, the political class, and observers present at the Wa Municipal Assembly Conference Hall when at the end of counting of ballots, Alhaji Moomen secured 29 Yes votes as against 16 No.

The heavy presence of armed police personnel did not prevent tempers from rising inside the hall. This resulted in pockets of violence that led to the arrest of two persons.

In Assin South District, some aggrieved Assembly Members invoked curses on the newly confirmed DCE for Assin South, Felicia Amissah Ntrakwah, Police Service and the EC officials for not allowing them to take part in the confirmation of the DCE.

Hence, the Minority’s decision to demand a re-run. But this position has been rubbished by Mr Sylvester Tetteh.

Meanwhile, the MP for Bortianor-Ngleshie Amanfro has also described as unfortunate the number of security personnel in some areas due to the number of times a nominee had been rejected.

“We have heard in some other places, people picked ballot boxes and run away with it. Perhaps you may think that is why police presence had been increased in some venues. But if I look at the number of Assemblies that we have and only five areas have come up with these irregularities, it is unfortunate anyway, but I think that overall some of the issues have been exaggerated.”

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