President of the Canada Ghana Chamber of Commerce Association, Alexander Nortey, says the association is bent on promoting Ghanaian companies in Canada and vice versa.

According to him, his outfit is bent on positioning Ghanaian businesses as quality and efficient organisations in Canada.

Speaking at a workshop to sensitize businesses on cybersecurity and growth, Mr. Nortey said the chamber is committed to supporting businesses to withstand the test of time.

“The chamber has a lot of multinational companies. We are trying to promote trade between the two countries. The relationship between the two countries is very good. We intend having regular interactions to plan the way forward together”, he stressed.

“It’s all about business networking between local companies and Canadian companies. The chamber has a lot of multinational companies, but the thing is to promote trade between Canada and Ghana”, he added.

Some members of the association were delighted with the workshop and indicated that it is pertinent to the development of their businesses.

The Canada Ghana Chamber of Commerce Association is taking full advantage of existing opportunities and create new ones for its members.

Its vision is to build capacity, stimulate interest and create numerous opportunities for Ghanaian-Canadians and foster trade and investment between Canada and Ghana. It is expected to play a leading role in mobilising other Chambers of Commerce with an interest and affiliation to Africa to create a shared economic and development vision for African countries.

It aim is to provide advocacy and business information, networking opportunities as well as services to encourage and develop a close relationship and bilateral trade between Canada and Ghana.

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