The New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Cape Coast North constituency has described as dishonest claims by the MP for the area, Dr Kwamina Mintah Nyarku, that he’s personally secured three road contracts for the people.

According to the party, the MP who has spent nearly four months in office is throwing dust in the eyes of the constituents by claiming roads that are already being done or that are yet to start.

Dr Mintah Nyarku speaking in an interview with JoyNews earlier claimed he had worked so hard in this short period of obtaining the office as MP by securing three road contracts.

He went ahead to say he was in the process of selecting contractors to handle the contracts he has secured.

The MP said, “Luckily for me, I have been able to secure some contracts regarding the roads in the Cape Coast North Constituency. We want to connect the road from Academy to Nkanfoa through to Moree.

“We are also going to connect one from Akotokyir from Kwaprow through to Duakor and another one from Dahia to Efutu through to Efutu Mampong.”

“Now I am going to talk to a few contractors in Cape Coast: Walker, Laham and others so they could handle the contracts to construct the roads,” he said.

But at a press briefing the Cape Coast constituency Secretary for NPP, Ebo Sarbah, indicated the conduct of the MP was embarrassing and unbecoming of an MP.

According to them, the MP appears not to know how governance works and how projects are contracted.

Ebo Sarbah accused the MP of lying about his claims of securing road contracts for the Cape Coast North constituency.

“His claims are palpably false and very dishonorable for a MP to engage in. By spewing these lies, he’s exposed himself that he does not know the processes of securing contracts,” he said.

The party further states that the plan and initiative for the construction of the roads were made when he was not even an MP.

He said, “we would want to ask him a few questions: Did he secure the projects at the time he was not an MP and can he tell the people the total sum he is spending on the roads he claims to have secured.”

They are by this asking him to desist from claiming projects that he contributed nothing in and also desist from peddling lies to deceive the constituents.