Carmudi Ghana, an online automotive marketplace, has organized and hosted a forum for all automotive dealers in Accra.

The event was intended to bring together all automobile dealers who have been loyal to the company and to educate them on how to market their cars online without fear of fraud.

The occasion was also used to advise dealers on how to associate themselves constantly with Carmudi’s marketing strategies in the hope of helping them sell their cars at a faster rate.

The Managing Director of Carmudi Ghana, Mr. Kobina Amoo, who was also the chairman for the occasion, advised the car dealers to be vigilant of car fraud in the country since it is becoming rampant.

He also advised them to associate themselves with Carmudi Ghana, since the infrastructure of the site allows for control against fraudulent uploads from internet scammers.

The key speakers for the occasion were the key account manager, Mr. Samuel Tay, Marketing Manager and Head of PR, Mr. Kelvin Kenneth, and Head of Operations, Mr. Kofi Kesse.

The speakers educated the dealers with a strong presentation concerning marketing plans to boost dealer exposure and increase brand awareness for select dealers.

Some well-known dealerships represented at the forum were the Tema Car Dealers Association, De-Georgia Motors and Bond Millenium Motors.


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