The children are trafficked and bought to endure long hours of drudgery.

One of the leading anti-human trafficking NGOs, Caritas Ghana, has pushed the government to retool the police to fight the trafficking of children effectively.

This call comes in the wake of a JoyNews expose in which children are rented for as little as ¢800 to work on cocoa farms in parts of the country.

Eight persons have been busted in an operation aimed at combating the menace.

Head of Public Relations at COCOBOD, Fiifi Boafo, warns they will deal ruthlessly with persons that engage children to work on cocoa farms.

“We have already reported the situation as unearthed in the documentary to the Police, and some arrests have already been effected in Ashanti and Western North regions. All suspects and persons of interest are currently going through the legal process.”

“We shall, similarly, alert the police on any other case related to child labour which comes to our attention for the persons involved to be apprehended and prosecuted,” he assured.

Coordinator of Human Rights and Justice at Caritas Ghana, Reverend Sister Regina Ignatia Aflah, said trafficking of children continue to persist because of the poor enforcement of the laws.

“Government should be more concerned about equipping institutions or people who are in charge of preventing trafficking, especially the Police. Police officials having a vehicle to go round alone is not enough,” she said.

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