A Koforidua Circuit Court has sentenced a 30-year-old carpenter to seven years imprisonment for defiling a 14-year-old girl at Okorase near Koforidua.

Keteku Enock Yaw was convicted on his plea when he appeared before the court presided over by Mercy Adei Kotei.

The convict was accused of having sexual intercourse with the minor four to five times a day, therefore, charged with defilement.

The prosecutor, Chief Inspector, Richmond Keelson, told the court that the complainant is Prophetess Elizabeth Tutuwaa, 64, who lived with the victim in Okorase, a community near Koforidua, while the accused is a carpenter.

According to him, the complainant said she travelled to Nkawkaw to attend a funeral on August 27, this year and left the victim in the care of her sister, Hellen Sakyi, a witness in the case.

Mr Keelson said the complainant was informed when she returned on August 30, that the victim did not return home since she went out on August 28.

He told the court that a search for the whereabouts of the victim began earnestly.

The prosecutor explained that, during the search, the complainant and the witness saw the victim’s dress hanging on a dry line in the corridor of the man person who lived in the same community.

According to him, the man came out of the room when the door was knocked.

He added that the complainant and the witness in the case forced themselves into the room only to see the victim lying on the man’s bed.

Mr Keelson revealed that the convict was arrested and handed over to the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVVSU).

The convict, the police prosecutor, disclosed, had sexual intercourse with the victim many times and locked her in the room whenever he went out even though he admitted having sexual intercourse with the victim only twice.

A medical doctor report confirmed that the victim has was defiled.

Meanwhile, the convict will also appear before the court for another charge of abduction, which he has already pleaded not guilty to.

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