Director of Advocacy and Policy Engagement at the Ghana Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) has called on the Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) to disclose the full state of cases being worked on by the office.

According to Dr Kojo Asante Pumpuni, Mr Martin Amidu indicated in his Agyapa Risk Assessment that he was working on “the PPA case, the NLA case, the Charles Bisw case, the MP vehicle loan affair cases, and I’m sure there are others.”

“So what is the state of these other cases, where are they, I think that need to be disclosed,” he said on Wednesday.

This comes after a report by Parliament’s Constitutional and Legal Affairs Committee revealed that the OSP only concluded investigations into two cases since its operations in 2018.

However, Dr Pumpuni thinks there should be more information provided especially on those handed over by former Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu.

“Also under section 26, the office is supposed to submit an annual report to the attorney general who intends is supposed to submit a report with the audited account to the Parliament,” he explained.

Prior to his reaction, the Office linked the delay in handling cases to the prolonged legal battle challenging the capacity of the former special prosecutor.

But Mr Pumpuni believes the current report does not paint a full picture of their activities.

“It will be good to get a good detailed account of where things are, what’s happening with the building, have they now secured it and what are really the plans going forward,” Dr Asante said.