The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Casta Diva Foundation, Madam Fauzia Hudu has donated a set of jerseys to Tintooni Ladies Football Club in Tamale North.

The set of jerseys was unveiled for the upcoming Division Two league.

The donation to Tintooni Ladies football club is meant to support them in their home and away matches during the upcoming women’s division two league.

The jerseys were handed over to them by Samuel Abdul-Rahaman, Special Aide to Madam Fauzia Hudu, CEO of Casta Diva Foudation.

He mentioned that Casta Diva is out to support the empowerment of children and the youth saying, Casta Diva Foundation has adopted Timtooni to support them in their training and divisional matches. 

Mr. Samuel Abdul-Rahaman on behalf of Madam Fauzia Hudu encouraged them to put up their maximum best to win the tournament and also take their education seriously.

Mr. Abdul-Rahaman finally wished them success in the tournament.

Receiving the jerseys on behalf of Timtooni Ladies Club, Coach Sule thanked Casta Diva for the continuous support and pledged on behalf of all the ladies that, they would take their training and studies seriously.

Meanwhile, the youth in the Tamale North constituency are calling on the philanthropist to take political leadership and represent them as a Member of Parliament.

Casta Diva Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization registered under the Register General Department. Its mandate and objectives are tailored towards poverty eradication and youth empowerment among others.

The CEO of the Foundation, Hajia FauziyabHudu who is a native of the Northern Region, hails from Tamale North.

Her desires and aspiration are to see the development of the youth especially, those in Northern Region.

Her Foundation has supported widows, market women, the poor, and the less privileged within and outside her constituent.

 She has undertaken so many social activities within the Tamale Metropolis that includes football games, entrepreneurship training, support for girl child education etc.

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