With the onset of the Euro 2020 tournament, which will be broadcast on various platforms of The Multimedia Group, listeners are kindly notified of the following changes in programming on Joy FM from June 11 to July 11.

With some matches airing between 7 pm – 9 pm, some of your favourite shows will be affected as the country’s best football commentators on Joy FM led by George Addo Jnr and Gary Al-Smith take over Joy FM.

As a result, ‘That’s My Opinion‘ (airs on Monday), ‘Geek Squad‘ (airs on Tuesday), ‘Strong and Sassy’ (airs on Wednesday) and ‘Personality Profile’ (airs on Thursday) will be live on Facebook on days that the shows are displaced on Joy FM.

Your favourite weekend entertainment show, Showbiz A-Z (airs on Saturday), will have a different schedule on days it is displaced on Joy FM.

Read below for more details about Joy FM’s programming as the tournament kicks off.