The Chamber of Petroleum Consumers and the Ghana Standards Authority will soon roll out an added value logo at various petroleum stations which will differentiate the Oil Marketing Companies selling actual liters of fuel from those undercutting consumers.

Executive Secretary of the Chamber of Petroleum Consumers, Duncan Amoah says the introduction of the logo will weed out recalcitrant pump stations. selling fuel below the Ghana Standards Authority’s specify standards. Mr. Amoah disclosed this when the Ghana Oil Company donated some equipment to the Ghana Standards Authority.

“We’ve worked extra harder in designing something we call the trusted trader. And it is our belief that very soon, the consumer body together with the Ghana Standards Authority will be rolling out an added value logo which says that these outlets have been double verified and what they deliver to you is nothing but exactly what they promised,” he revealed.

Chief Executive of GOIL, Kwame Osei-Prempeh said his outfit will absorb increase in fuel prices despite the adjustments made in the second pricing window.

According to him, GOIL’s commitment to serving the public is sincere.

“The second window has been closed. We ought to have increased fuel prices due to the 8% increase but we decided to absorb it. At GOIL, one of our major values is to stabilise prices as others look at us. Because we are truly Ghanaian, we did not increase fuel prices though profit fell. We only pray that going out of the winter, prices will come down.”

“Seeing that the cedi has been stable for the past five months, if price of crude oil falls following the winter, we will also drop prices accordingly,” he stated.

Director General of the Ghana Standards Authority, Professor Alex Dodoo indicated that his outfit will increase the number of times they visit the fuel stations, from twice a year to four times a year to verify if the fuel stations go according to the standards set.

“The visugauges are quite expensive and I must say that the donation amount is close to 70,000 pounds. So, if you multiply by eight, you’re looking at about half a million cedis. We only have four teams doing the work nationwide, purely because of lack of equipment. Now with the more than doubling the capacity by this donation from GOIL, we can create eight teams and this means that we’ll work faster.”

“Thankfully this year we have doubled the number of times we verify the volumes. We used to do it every six months, now we’ll be doing it every three months. Our hope is that when parliament gives us the stronger penalties, we can apply them to ensure that consumers will feel comfortable by getting value for money,” he assured.