Chelsea have condemned “abhorrent posts” aimed at Tammy Abraham after the club’s Super Cup defeat by Liverpool in Istanbul.

Striker Abraham, 21, was targeted on social media with racist abuse after his side lost 5-4 on penalties.

Liverpool goalkeeper Adrian kept out Abraham’s spot-kick to secure victory for the Champions League winners.

“We are disgusted with the abhorrent posts we have seen on social media,” said a club spokesman.

“Chelsea FC finds all forms of discriminatory behaviour unacceptable. It has no place at this club and where there is clear evidence of Chelsea season ticket holders or members involved in such behaviour, we will take the strongest possible action against them.’

The club’s reaction comes after Kick It Out had issued a statement condemning the treatment of Abraham.

“Such abuse is now increasingly predictable, but no less disgusting,” said the anti-racism charity.

“We send our support to Tammy and reiterate our call for Twitter and other social companies to clamp down on this level of abuse.

“This is a call to action – we want to know what they are going to do to tackle this insidious problem.”

Former Everton striker Kevin Campbell tweeted: “Can someone please tell me why Tammy Abraham gets racially abused for missing a penalty? Football is the excuse for some people.”

It comes after there were four reported cases of racist abuse on the opening weekend of the EFL season.

James McClean of Stoke City, Southend United striker Theo Robinson, Bambo Diaby of Barnsley and the sister of Fulham defender Cyrus Christie were all involved in incidents of ‘discriminatory abuse’.

Kick It Out also produced a report which was released in July which showed that reports of racist abuse increased by 43% last season, with 274 cases compared with 192 the previous season.

In one of those, Chelsea suspended six fans for using “abusive language and threatening and aggressive behaviour” towards Manchester City and England player Raheem Sterling during a Premier League match at Stamford Bridge in December 2018.

One of those fans was banned for life for using “racially abusive language” towards Sterling.


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