The chief of Adadientem, a village in the Assin North District of the Central Region, where a four-year-old girl was allegedly defiled, is a cousin to the 17-year-old suspect, Joy News has learnt.

Joy News' findings also reveal that father of the victim, Isaac Kofi is the linguist for the chief, Nana Aboboyaa, known in private life as John Mensah.

This perhaps explains why the victim’s mother first chose to report the matter to the traditional ruler instead of the police.

The chief, however, dismissed the woman and told her that the gods of the village have declared the alleged perpetrator innocent.

The victim, a preschooler, is struggling to walk and unable to stand as a result of the excruciating pain she is going through as a result of the two-day act.

Divisional Police Commander, Chief Supt. Henry Bacho told Joy FM that they were yet to pick the suspect after the victim’s father reported the case to them because, his officers do not know the village.

“The child mentioned one Kwabena [but] we cannot go round and look for Kwabena; we don’t know the village…that is why we need the father to lead us,”  Chief Supt. Bacho told Kojo Yankson on the Super Morning Show, Wednesday.

The Youth for Human Rights Africa (YoHRA), is demanding full-scale investigations into the chief's role since the case was brought to his attention.

YoHRA also wants a “well collaborated full-scale investigation by the Ghana Police Service and all other government agencies into the matter.”

Joy News' Regional Correspondent, Richard Kwadwo Nyarko reported on Thursday that, Nana Aboboyaa became chief of the village through the influence of the suspect’s father who is also his uncle.

However, Nana Aboboyaa denies claims that he concealed the act because the suspect is a relative. The chief has also decided to remove the victim’s father as his linguist as a result of the accusation of concealment against him, Kwadwo Nyarko reported on the Super Morning Show.

Meanwhile, some opinion leaders whom the reporter spoke to, say they are prepared to hand over the suspect to the investigating authority only if the victim’s parent produced the medical report confirming that the little girl was defiled. 


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