Bel Beverages Ghana says its “Chill n Win Promo” is aimed at giving back to its customers as well as appreciate its loyal distributors across the country.

According to its Sales Manager, Norbert Mwin, this will help raise awareness of Bel Beverage goods, while boosting sales.

He highlighted to Joy Business at the second Chill and Win raffle draw at Madina in the Greater Accra Region, that customers have played a critical role in the company’s development, therefore the need to reward them for their efforts.

“This is a loyalty promo we are running. The idea is to say thank you to our consumers. This is a nationwide promo and this is the second raffle we are having”, he said.

Chill and Win Promo: Bel Beverages to give back to customers

With prizes such as electric irons, rice cookers, and sauce pans, he said the programme will have a significant impact on society across the country.

 “This will have a great impact on the society, because we are running the promo across the country”, he mentioned.

In response to consumer feedback, he stated that the majority of the customers  believe the promotion is genuine.

“When we started, they thought we wanted to scam them, but as you can see its real. And the National Lottery Authority guys are even here to monitor the activities”

The raffle is approved and regulated by the National Lottery Authority.

The winner will receive a brand new Kia Picanto.

Chill and Win Promo: Bel Beverages to give back to customers

For the entry requirement, customers must purchase Bel Beverage products in order to enter the lottery.

A minimum of 20 labels are removed and put in an envelope with names and phone numbers of the customer/s.

The envelope can be delivered to and Bel Beverage Distributors and Depots across the country.