Charge d’affaires of the Chinese Embassy to Ghana, Zhu Jing handed over medical supplies to the Ghana-China Friendship Association on Tuesday.

The donation was provided by Fujian Provincial People’s Association for the association. President of the Ghana China Friendship Association, Kojo Amoo-Gottfried received the donation on behalf of the Ghanaian side.

Mr. Zhu said, under the leadership of President Xi Jinping, the Chinese people united as one to wage the war against the pandemic of Covid-19.

Although the pandemic is still raging and different countries all over the world are taking measures to contain it, China says it will not forget the support from Ghana during such critical times.

This expression of profound feeling is an indelible deed in the history of China-Ghana friendship and shall always be remembered, says China.

The leadership revealed that the Chinese Government and Chinese people can relate to the COVID-19 cases confirmed in Ghana, and will firmly stand side by side with the Ghanaians and be willing to do as much as they can to help with Ghana’s fight.

China is the first country to send medical supplies by chartered flight to Ghana.

Chinese doctors shared experience in disease prevention and control by video conferences with their Ghanaian counterparts on five occasions.

China’s local authorities and companies are also providing assistance to Ghana in various ways.

The second batch of anti-epidemic materials donated by the Chinese government has arrived in Ghana and will be handed over to the government soon.

Upholding the vision of a community of a shared future for mankind, China has been actively cooperating with the international community in epidemic prevention and control while maintaining effective epidemic prevention and control work at home.

China has been strengthening coordination of policies and control measures, sharing epidemic information and good practices in diagnosis and treatment, and has offered aid supplies to international organisations and the affected countries, demonstrating its responsibility and presence as a major power.

China says it is ready to work closely with Ghanaian counterparts to implement the measures laid out by President Xi Jinping at the Extraordinary China-Africa Summit on Solidarity against Covid-19 on June 17 to help Africa win the battle against the virus.

China and Ghana are bound to defeat the pandemic and embrace a more promising world.