Hundreds of Christian and Moslem women in the Ho Municipality have gone on a peace procession through the principal streets of Ho and called for calm during the December election.

They waved placards some of which read, “Ghana is bigger than any political party”, “where there is love, there is peace”, “do not inflame evil passion in the electorate”, “we are brothers and sisters so let us live in peace”.

The procession was to demonstrate their support for calls for peace before, during and after the December 7 election and also sensitize the people especially women on the need to promote peace.

Addressing the women later at the Roman Catholic Church premises Rev Mrs. Diana Abbey-Mensah, a member of the planning committee, appealed to women to resist any attempts at using them to trigger conflict in the country.

She reminded women that they and their children stood to suffer most from any conflicts as examples in some sister African countries showed.

Rev Mrs Abbey-Mensah appealed to women to discourage their husbands and brothers from resorting to violence in expressing their reservations about events surrounding the election.

She said she was hopeful the government would provide conditions that would allow the Electoral Commission to conduct the election fairly, firmly and independently.

Reverend Mrs Abbey-Mensah also advised security personnel who would be on duty on December 7 to be neutral and discharge their duties professionally without intimidation.

To the Media she said, “Exercise tremendous patience to check and cross check all facts for their authenticity before going to press”.

Madam Ayisha Awuley, a Moslem women, leader appealed to all political parties to accept the final certified results that would be declared by the EC.

Rev. Monsignor Anthony Kornu, Vicar General of the Ho Catholic Diocese, appealed to the women to be agents of peace before during and after the election.

Source: GNA