Rex Omar

Ghana Music Right Organization (GHAMRO) has said the process to license churches who use commercial music for services is underway.

Rex Omar, Board Chairman of GHAMRO said church [gospel] music, like every other composition, amounts to the intellectual property which must be protected.

He explained on Adom FM’s Yasem Nie, that songs used for church services are commercial music hence churches must be licensed and billed for the usage of such copyright content.

“Pastors research the Bible and reach their theme for service of which they take collection. In a similar fashion, when someone searches the Bible and composes a song, churches must also pay to use it. Composition is composition and right is right.”

“The Bible says an evangelist should feed on his evangelism, likewise, a musician should also feed on his music and it is exactly what we intend to do for them,” he educated.

Rex Omar explained that gospel musicians are no different from secular musicians hence should also benefit from what they toiled for from the churches.