The Presbytery Chairman of the Ho Presbytery of the Global Evangelical Church, Rev Wilson Emmanuel Ashiegbie, has called on churches to make resuscitation of the depleted environment a priority.

He said they would be obeying God’s command to take care of the environment by doing this.

The Rev Ashiegbie said this at the 2010 Ho Presbytery Conference of the church at Ho-Fiave on the theme, “Faithful stewardship: Key to Divine Blessing.”

According to him, many Christians were environmentally unfriendly and appealed to them to “love the environment” if they want to be Godly.

The Rev Ashiegbie noted that most Christians dispose refuse indiscriminately, set bushfires, build in waterways and fell trees indiscriminately.

He appealed to leaders of churches to encourage their members to take up tree planting exercises and encourage them to begin to love the environment.

Source: GNA