The Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana is in talks with the Local Government Ministry and the Ministry of Tourism to establish a Brand Index for the country.

The Brand Index will rank the 16 regions as well as Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies according to specific indices such as peace and beautification.

President of CIMG, Dr. Daniel Kasser-Tee said the country needs to strategically brand itself.

“We need to have a strategic approach to brand them [specific indices]. On our own [CIMG], we are very soon going to lead the course to brand Ghana.”

Furthermore, he said “we’re beginning to talk to the Local Government Ministry and the Tourism Ministry on how to start a brand index for this country. If you land in Ghana, depending on how we’ve been able to position ourselves, you should be able to identify the things that are important to us. If we talk about say peace, among the 16 regions we should be able to say region number A is the most peaceful”.

“If we’re looking for or anything you look for, we should be able to point to one region and say they are the best in this. If we build this as a competitive activity, I think all the regions, the MMDA’s and all of them will come along”, he added.