GOIL says victims and their dependents of Wednesday’s explosion at its service station close to the Kwame Nkrumah Circle will be supported.

Managing Director Patrick Akoli has told Joy Business a board meeting on Friday will finalise details of the relief fund and map out plans for its disbursement.

“His Excellency the President has announced a national [fund] we will contribute to that one, and also GOIL itself will set up a fund for the deceased family…and their dependents”, Mr Akoli said.

President John Mahama revealed on Thursday that it has released GH¢60 million to provide relief to the victims of the devastating explosion and their families.

However, the MD of the indigenous oil marketing company said GOIL will contribute to the GH¢60 relief fund but will also set up the special package for the family of those who lost their lives at the station, “especially the workers there".

GOIL lost eight of its staff at the 24-hour service station close to the sprawling Kwame Nkrumah Circle during torrential rains on Wednesday.

Tens of passengers, drivers and petrol station attendants got burnt to death in a horrifying fire incident at the fuel station while taking refuge there from the torrential rains.

The cause of the explosion is yet to be ascertained, however about 150 people are said to have perished in the fire.

GOIL says it is working closely with Fire service to establish cause of fire.


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