Apostle Stephen K. Amoani, Chairman of Christ Apostolic Church International, on Sunday called for unity among Christians to ensure total growth of the church.

He noted that some Christians had resorted to backbiting, hatred and bitterness saying those acts did not augur well for the growth of the church.

“We are one people. When hatred, bitterness and backbiting are present among us the presence of God cannot operate. We need to tolerate each other to be able to maintain God’s glory,” Apostle Amoani said.

Apostle Amoani made the call at the dedication of a 300,000 Ghana cedis (Three billion cedis) Church Complex of Christ Apostolic Church International at Bantama in Kumasi.

The dedication coincided with the ordination of Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Samuel Nyamekye Adane, Adansi East District Commander of Police as a Pastor of the Church and Chaplain of Ghana Police Service and sod cutting for a modern retreat centre at Kokoben in the Ashanti Region.

Speaking on the topic: “Having a Place for the Lord” Apostle Amoani noted that though most believers knew God they had not given him “a place” in their hearts.

Instead, he said, they had allowed problems of the world, history of families and activities of wizards and witches to take over their lives.

“To have a place for the Lord means to give him the opportunity to share his determinate plans for you. Give God the chance to shape your destiny,” Apostle Amoani told the congregation.

He said when Christians gave God a place in their hearts, God became their potion and He in turn established covenants with them.

On the ordination, Apostle Amoani reminded ASP Adane, who would now join the Ghana Police Chaplaincy, of the task ahead especially in winning souls for God’s Kingdom and appealed to him and his family to lead exemplary lives.

Members of the church who contributed immensely towards the building were presented with Certificates of Honour.

Source: GNA


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