A medium scale cocoa farmer and traditional ruler at Asin Asunafo in the Brong Ahafo Region, has enumerated some challenges facing cocoa farmers since China invaded the sector.

Cocoa farmers are troubled because illegal miners and loggers are invading farm lands lately.

The owner of an 100 acre cocoa farmland said it is a miracle that some farmers are still be in business amidst interruption by the Chinese.

According to him, the challenges have persisted for a long time because authorities will do nothing about it even when it is reported to them.

“We have issues with labour, our forest is being degraded not by the illegal miners alone but by illegal loggers as well. You can’t go to the Forestry Commission in your area to complain because nothing will happen. That is the problem now.

“If you come to my area in the night you will hear chain saw machines running in the night and absolutely nothing is done about it when you complain to the Commission,” he stated.

As a result, he said most farmers have coiled back and illegal loggers will not stop cutting down the few tress serving as coverage for the cocoa farms.

Nana Ayeh added that the raining patterns have changed over time but most farmers are finding difficulties in adjusting to the change.

A number of them are selling out their lands to miners venture into something else because they are no more making money from farming.

“This is where I want to beg the Ghana Cocoa Board to come on board to educate cocoa farmers on how to adjust to the changing weather patterns to help them bounce back into business.

On his part, CEO of Chamber of Agribusiness, Anthony Morrison stated that the challenges of Cocoa farmers is widely known but government needs to step up and intervene.

For him, the challenge is not only limited to Cocoa farmers but the food security of the country.

“Government needs adopt long term strategies to protect the Agricultural farms on which the country’s survival depends. If government fails in this area, we are going to have a great challenge,” he stated.