Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD), in collaboration with Light A Village, a non-governmental organization, has donated complete sets of solar lamp to 48 cocoa and coffee farm households in the Volta Region. 

Presenting the solar lamps to the beneficiaries at Adofe and Dzogbedo in the Ho West District of the Volta Region, the Deputy Director of Research at COCOBOD, Mr. Owusu Manu indicated that the donation formed part of a larger education support programme by the two organisations to aid the educational aspirations of wards of farmers in remote communities.,

The programme also aims at lighting up communities that are not connected to the national electricity grid.

Mr. Owusu Manu mentioned that cocoa and coffee are important to Ghana’s economy hence, the Board and its collaborators will make efforts to support its development.

It is in view of this that “we support schools and communities without light,” he said.

COCOBOD donates solar lamps to farmers in Volta Region

Mr. Manu entreated the farmers to form groups to make them stronger in seeking for support and building a better-managed market for their produce.

“To get the best outcome of your activities, your best bet is to form groups.”

The President and Founder of Light A Village, Dr. James Quartey said he was happy to organize resources to support those without electricity in Ghana to access light for their daily lives.

Dr. Quartey expressed confidence to continually partner COCOBOD in helping children access education by providing their communities with solar lamps for studies.

Additionally, the founder of Bean Masters coffee and a lead person for organizing the farmer group, Ms. Benedicta Tamakloe recounted that her organization which sources and roasts Ghanaian coffee from women owned farms is committed to using 10% of their net profit in the development of the farms from which they source their coffee.

She encouraged other farmers who are actively in coffee farming to join the association adding that combining skills, knowledge and other abilities help them develop together while sharing skills and opportunities and to overcome challenges collectively.

Mr. Owusu Manu also presented bars of chocolates to the school children emphasizing its nutritional and health benefits.

He noted that cocoa, which forms the base of every chocolate product, had the propensity to boost the cognitive ability of humans especially children in their formative years while providing the highest source of anti-oxidants for the human body.

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