The Controller and Accountant General’s Department has warned that it will with immediate effect blacklist and subsequently publish the names of financial institution or its agent engaged in issuing unsolicited messages to government employees.

The Department in a release Wednesday reiterated “to all Third Party Institutions that it is illegal and an affront to the Data Protection Act for any entity or persons to send unsolicited messages to people who ordinarily have no business transaction with the institution or person.”

For some time now, there have been complaints from employees on government payroll, Civil Society Organizations and the Data Protection Commission on the issuance of unsolicited messages from financial institutions and or their agents soliciting and encouraging recipients to obtain loans and other financial facilities from them.

In spite of numerous meetings with, and warnings from the Department to the Third Party Institutions, the practice rather keeps occurring on a larger scale daily.

The Department is warning financial institutions and their agents or assigns to desist henceforth, from engaging in the issuance of unsolicited messages to civil and public servants on government payroll.

While taking steps to protect its data sources, CAGD stated categorically that it is in no way responsible for the issuance of such unsolicited messages to workers of the state and will severely deal any person caught in this practice.

The Department said any public or civil servant desirous of obtaining loans or financial facility must deal directly with the Third Party Institution of their choice.