A virologist at the Kumasi Centre for Collaborative Research (KCCR) has asked government to institute localised lockdowns in Covid-19 hotspots across the country.

Dr. Michael Owusu said “the virus is running ahead of us” and the only way to prevent the health system from being completely overwhelmed is to impose restrictions.

Speaking to Roland Walker on the AM Show Thursday, he said the country’s state in relation to the pandemic is not as being reflected from government.

lockdown – KCCR virologist Covid-19

Ghana’s reported case count stands at 12, 590 as of Thursday morning; the fourth-highest on the continent.

Some 4,410 persons have recovered and 66 others have lost the battle against the virus.

The figures have become a cause for concern as many fear things may spiral out of control.

lockdown – KCCR virologist Covid-19
Source: Ghana Health Service

Commenting on the development, Dr Owusu said if drastic and critical steps are not taken immediately to stop the rapid infection rate, a catastrophe will soon hit the country and things will get out of hand.

The virologist said government has to restrict the movement of persons to stem the infection rate.

He believes that is the only sure way of reducing the rate of infections as there are people who have tested positive but are still going about their daily activities.

“I know people who are positive but still going to work,” Dr. Owusu said adding that if a lockdown is imposed they would have no option than to stay home.

He said if this is not done and more people, including health workers get infected and die, it could lead to the country being swamped by the virus since morale in health workers could be affected.

Ghana stands a chance of losing everything

Also speaking on the AM Show, Ernest Yorke, the President of the Greater Accra chapter of the Ghana Medical Association said government is painting a picture of everything being rosy when it is not.

“Ghana stands a chance of losing everything if the direction is not changed in Covid-19 management in this country,” he said.

Dr. Yorke also supported the call of a localised lockdown.

He said government would, however, want to weigh the social and political impact of such a measure before going for it.

But Dr Yorke is sure if a decisive move is not taken soon, the country will lose all gains made so far.

Meanwhile, government has fought of claims that the figures are being massaged to create a good picture.