Court adjourns Dan Lartey’s case

An Accra High Court has adjourned the case brought against the Electoral Commission by the Founder of the Great Consolidated Popular Party Mr. Dan Lartey.

He is challenging the EC’s decision to disqualify him from contesting the December 7 presidential elections.

The adjournment was informed by the absence of Mr. Lartey’s lawyer in court today.

The case will be heard tomorrow.

The EC disqualified Mr. Lartey for what it says was his failure to present completed nomination forms in time.

But the GCPP founder insists the EC had no right to disqualify him.

He is therefore praying the court to instruct the EC to include him in this year’s elections as a presidential candidate.

With virtually six days to the elections, Mr. Lartey has very little time to waste.

He explained to Joy News that his lawyer had taken a date from the court because he had another engagement in Ho.

He is confident that he will win the case and be allowed to contest the elections.

“I want a redress, the Electoral Commission has disenfranchised me and my followers and I want to be enfranchised and this is what I am asking the court to do.”

Mr Lartey believes he met the criteria set by the EC to contest the elections.

“I met all the rules. I was there on time, I was able to pay my deposit and submitted my papers so I cannot see how the Electoral Commission will do that and that is why I’m seeking redress from the court.”

Story by Malik Abass Daabu