Newly elected flagbearer of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Ivor Greenstreet says the party under his leadership will deliver Ghana from its current situation to “a better and more equal place with opportunity for all.”

According to him, Ghana needs the CPP “desperately”, thus he called on all elected representatives of the party to see the urgency of the situation and unite for the sake of the party and the country at large.

He said the “country needs a progressive government that will deliver for all the people of Ghana.”

“Everywhere that I have gone on the campaign trail all that I get told is where is the CPP that will deliver for the people of Ghana? Today I give you my pledge that the CPP will deliver for the people.

“We will deliver the social justice that will make this country a better and more equal place with opportunity for all. We shall implement the self-reliance that this country has been crying out for”.

In his acceptance speech after a landslide victory, Mr Greenstreet was passionate about working towards “the African unity that our founding fathers saw”. This, he believes, is “the only way African countries can develop”.

Starting with Ghana, Ivor pledged that under his leadership, the CPP will ensure that the most basic needs of Ghanaians are met when voted into office.

“Our people need good health – the CPP will deliver; our young people need good education – the CPP will deliver; our people need good housing – the CPP will deliver; our people need a living wage that leaves some money in the pockets at the end of the long month – the CPP will deliver,” he said.

Mr Greenstreet said the CPP will be able to deliver all these because they are better managers of the nation’s wealth in natural resources.

He said: “The CPP will deliver because our country is a rich country, our country is endowed with all the raw materials but, successive governments after the first republic have lacked the resourcefulness, the strategies and the vision to transform these into the sustainable wealth.”

In conclusion, he added: “Greenstreet has that vision to take Ghana and Africa into the next steps of the fourth industrial revolution, to leapfrog us into a future industrialised first world nation where the people will forge forward in a new spirit of work with happiness.”