The Creative Arts Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CACCI), an upcoming chamber in the creative industry has expressed concern over the promises of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in their 2020 manifestoes, which seek to address the challenges in the industry.

“We applaud the well thought out vision of both parties for the industry but we want to quickly say that unfortunately the manifesto promises are not the immediate solution to the challenges and are like putting the cart before the horse,” it said.

A statement signed by the Founder of the CACCI, Mr Philip Amanor, and copied to the Ghana News Agency said: “The upcoming chamber is poised to coordinate and streamline concerns and interest of the industry and to bring players under one umbrella for its growth.”

It said, to this effect, the chamber is of the view that “the first thing has to do with regulations and structures in the industry to make it more vibrant, to instil discipline and to be seen as a serious entity in the scheme of affairs.”

The statement said the name Creative Arts should be maintained to bring to an end the fashions that existed in the industry “because the players create arts in films, music, fine arts, craft and culture among others.”

It called for the setting up of a Creative Arts and Tourism Bank to be managed by independent professionals and experienced investment bankers to address the long-term financial needs of the players.

The statement said the industry has been at the mercy of politicians so its direction and vision change each time there was a change of political power or government.

“For this reason, the CACCI is engaging stakeholders to draw a roadmap for a National Development blueprint to guide the direction and vision of the industry for the betterment of the players,” it said.

The statement said as a precondition the political parties must help to put in place a well-structured creative industry to make their lofty promises materialized, adding that the chamber with its endowed human resources would contribute to ensuring the manifestation of the good ideals.