Ghana will, for the first time, experience a groundbreaking gathering of creative minds to share experience, exhibit their creativity and create a common platform for both young and old creative entrepreneurs.

The summit, dubbed CREATIVITY SUMMIT is slated for the Accra International Conference Centre. This is the first time in West Africa that creative minded people will gather to display, inspire and create innovative opportunities. It will attract hundreds of corporate bodies, institutions, entrepreneurs, exhibitors and young professionals from diverse backgrounds.

In a release in Accra, Nii Commey, a renowned Playwright and Creativity Coach, who is also the President of High Standard Ideas, organizers of the event was very optimistic about the outcome of the event

“Creativity Summit is the beginning of a campaign we are embarking on. Global statistics is showing that 75% of people worldwide feel they are not using their creativity potentials. This should tell us that our society has not done enough to allow people to explore the creative side of their lives. Creativity Summit will serve as a haven for promoting creativity in every facet of our societal endeavors for development and change.

He also indicated the statistics surrounding perception about creativity:

“ So many people have either hidden their talents and creativity or simply cannot tell which one they possess. Those with hidden creativity have found themselves in fields that are not in tandem with their passion. Our school system is also very hostile to creativity, and that is why statistics by Adobe is showing that 52% of individuals globally believe that our school systems have stifled creativity, while 70% of people believe creativity is being taken for granted. We are, therefore, delighted about a dream come through. We are very optimistic about this novelty initiative. 

“As much as I fully believe in school and examination, it just unfortunate one’s future has to be decided within two hours of answering regimented questions at the examination hall. Failure to finish within two hours means you have failed for life, and you are called “school dropout.” But the good news is that in the world of creativity, there is no “ dropout.” Creativity Summit gives hope to individuals that God has endowed everybody with one talent or the other which must be discovered, nurtured and used to solve problems from the arts, science, technology, tourism, fashion and commerce– to unleash and maximize their creativity for societal development.

Victor Kafui Attivie, Exhibitions Director for the Summit was also positive about the summit, and emphasized that the event will demonstrate to the world that creativity is not the preserve for the arts alone.

“This is unprecedented- a gathering creative minded people to solve problems, incubate, have fun, exhibit their creative works and network. We shall see display of creativity; not only in the arts, but in architecture, fashion, banking, catering, and science… you name it. If anyone feels they have something to offer the world through newly developed idea, concept or product; if anyone has the deep desire to develop the creative side of their lives; if anyone needs guidance on how to go about their creative lifestyle, this is the ideal platform”, he emphasised.

Outlining the objectives of the Summit Mr Attivie said it will create a fertile ground for creative minded people from diverse professional backgrounds to discover, develop and maximize their potentials; It will also provide the culture of using creativity to develop our society to inspire, motivate and instill confidence in people with creativity; Creativity Summit will also carve a ready market for creative minded people by bridging the gap between the creative person and the investor.

The summit is going to be typically eventful with exhibition of creative works, Creativity Clinics, counselling sessions, Brainstorming sessions and Experience sharing


About 500 exhibition visitors; 20 exhibitors are expected to participate in this groundbreaking gathering.