The Cylinder Recirculation Model appears to be taking shape with a forecast of 25 to 50 per cent domestic, commercial and industrial usage of Liquefied Petroleum Gas by 2030.

The project which is in the implementation phase, according to the Chief Executive Officer of the National Petroleum Authority, Hassan Tampuli, will create thousands of jobs across Ghana when fully implemented.

Speaking at the launch of the fourth pilot implementation programme of the Cylinder Recirculation Model at Jomoro in the Western Region, Mr Tampuli, said despite the challenges encountered with the project, it will not suspend its implementation.

“We’ve had calls by some industry players to halt the implementation of the CRM pilot phase due to some challenges encountered with the pilot exercises in Kade and Obuasi.

“We need not remind ourselves that one of the reasons for the pilot is to help address difficulties that may arise when we eventually move to full-scale implementation of the CRM policy.

“Pilot exercises are conducted to help guide us to identify problems and fix them and in light of this problems encountered in the pilot areas are being addressed.

“We encountered shortages of CRM branded cylinders in Kade and Obuasi as a result of high demand and patronage of the policy since its inception”, Mr Tampuli enumerated.

Explaining further, he said “46,470 cylinders including a 20 percent buffer for each LPG Marketing Company were procured to augment what were already in circulation in Obuasi and Kade.

“More than 20,000 cylinders have been recalled and brought to Ghana Cylinder Manufacturing Company for assessment. Those fit for purpose would be refurbished, branded and sent back to the Obuasi and Kade LPG Marketing Companies while the faulty ones will be scrapped.”

“We have added a 50% buffer to each LPG Marketing Company in order to augment what they have in stock for distribution.

“Let me assure you that the National Petroleum Authority is poised to deal with possible challenges that may arise from the implementation of the policy”, he emphasized.

But, market watchers will patiently wait to see when the targets are achievable within the project timelines.

Job creation

The NPA is promising some appreciable job creation via the CRM.

Direct creation is estimated to be over 4,500 in relation to new jobs under the actors of the new value chain and door to door delivery services.”

This will however not affect current jobs of LPG Bulk Transporters, LPG Bulk Distribution Companies, and LPG Bulk Storage companies.

Implementation of CRM

Due to the full implementation of the project, Mr. Tampuli said “the relevant licenses will be issued and safety protocols will be keenly observed to ensure the safety of the good people of Ghana”.

As part of preparatory activities towards the pilot implementation of the CRM, members of the National Implementation Committee and the NPA embarked on a familiarisation visit to Jomoro, engaged the Chiefs of Jomoro present and the Municipal Assembly.

The technical team also paid working visits to all Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) outlets in Bamianko-Anyinase, Elubo, Ekpu and Jarway Wharf in the Municipality.

A total of 3,983 cylinders have so far been procured for Jomoro alone, to augment the cylinders already in use at homes.