It will be suicidal for the New Patriotic Party to remain in opposition for another four years, Member of Parliament for Okere in the Eastern Region, Dan Botwe has said.

According to him, the NPP must do everything within its power to kick the ruling party out of government and to wrestle Ghanaians from the current state of depravity.

Speaking to Joy News’ Eastern Region correspondent Benjamin Tetteh, the MP made a clarion call to all members of the party to put their hands on deck and to bring the party back into power in 2012.

“We must do everything possible to win 2012 elections. I cannot think of anything beyond that. Because if we don’t win I cannot see our party being in opposition again between 2012-2016,” he said.

He said the country risks retrogressing further if the party loses the election.

He explained the NPP has every chance to win the 2012 election adding, he will shudder to think of the reverse in 2012.

“Thanks to God, Ghanaians too have had the chance to compare our record with that of the NDC and so far everything points to the fact that Ghanaians will reject the NDC in 2012,” he said.

Meanwhile, the party is considering an alliance with minority parties in the Parliamentary election.

Director of Elections and Research of the NPP, Martin Adjei Mensah said the party might consider horse trading with other parties for their mutual benefits.

Currently the party is liaising with officials of outstanding constituencies yet to take their turn in the Parliamentary primaries but Mr Mensah believes everything will go on smoothly.

Source: Joy News/


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