Leader of the Great Consolidated Popular Party (GCPP) Dan Lartey says the alliance between the Convention Peoples Party (CPP) and Peoples National Convention (PNC) will not yield any result in the coming elections.

He said the alliance is one of convenience and does not have the strength to change the political trend in the country, claiming it has no fundamental basis.

Dan Lartey said he does not expect the alliance to pull any surprises in the coming elections.

Speaking to Joy News, he said Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom had served in ministerial positions in the Kufuor administration and couldn’t do much. He said Dr. Edward Mahama had sold his health insurance idea to the NPP. According to Dan Lartey, the health insurance system which has failed.

He argued that the two party leaders have contributed to the Kufuor administration but “couldn’t get anywhere, so how can the two together achieve anything?”

On joining the alliance, he said, the GCPP would not join the alliance because the alliance has no strength.

Dan Lartey also disagreed with the view that the CPP is the third force in the country, insisting that the GCPP rather, is.

Meanwhile, earlier in the day Dr. Nduom has said that the CPP and PNC are ready to form alliances with all other parties including the GCPP, which is an Nkrumahist party, except the NPP and the NDC.

In another development, John Ndebugre, PNC MP for Zebila has described the alliance as illegal. He said Dr. Edward Mahama was not duly elected to lead the party, and therefore, his position as party leader is being questioned.

He wondered how such an alliance by Dr. Mahama could be said to be legal.

He also said even if Dr. Mahama’s election was legal, he did not have the unilateral power to take the party into an alliance.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi


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