The family of the pregnant woman, who collapsed at the premises of the Bureau of National Investigations headquarters in Accra and died soon afterwards, have questioned the authenticity of an autopsy report conducted to ascertain the cause of the death.

According to the report Celestina Tsekuma died of lung cancer and was not pregnant at the time of death. But relatives dispute this assertion.

Celestine Tsekuma, 29, had arrived at the BNI offices in the company of her husband following an “invitation” by two BNI operatives “to assist in investigations” over some debts she owed, but collapsed even before she was questioned and was later pronounced dead upon arrival at the 37 Military Hospital on Thursday May 13, 2010.

Gabriel Borglar uncle of the widower told Joy News they were not present when the autopsy was done as such they doubt the genuineness of the whole report.

He said he only saw the body of the woman two weeks after her death at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital when the family were asked to come for the postmortem.

“In fact I normally know that whenever there should be any postmortem, if the deceased family is willing to be present before the postmortem, it’s allowed, but when we went there the CID came and took one person, which is me to the hall.

“In fact by reaching the hall they have opened the body and placed the intestines and everything on the table,” he recounted.

Mr Borglar said he was shown bloody lungs, and was informed that it was cancer that killed her but “we are saying that the lady was having pregnancy for about five months but there was nothing showing that she had a baby.

“I was not there when they opened the body so I cannot be sure what they are showing to me at that particular moment”.

He said the family would not relent in their quest to find out the actual cause of her death, noting that when she was alive, Celestina Tsekuma did not show any symptoms that indicated that she was suffering a cancer, describing the autopsy report as “amazing”

Story by Isaac Essel/


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