Barely two weeks after news started circulating in the media that death threat, via text messages have been sent to Mr. Augustus Amponsem Boateng, an aspiring parliamentary candidate on the ticket of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) for the New Juabeng South Constituency, another one has been dispatched to Ms Beatrice Boateng popularly Known as BB, who is also contesting the seat on the ticket of the NPP.

This one has come in fulfillment of the threat message sent to Amponsem that a similar thing would be sent to BB. BB’s message, this paper has gathered, reached her on the cell phone around 5:OO am on April 27 ,2008.

The message which appeared very much as that of Amponsem, but with the slight difference read “Some foolish guy wey he dey inside the group make journalists dey know where the message dey come from. We give am strong warning so journalists no go bear this publish”.

It went on “Dear Madam BB and A.ugustus you call yourselves Care, you chop MP No u no go get. We have seen your posters for town which show your preparedness for the race. If you want your dear lives then please you B.B & Augustus should resign now because his turn has not ended, he is still our man. We think say you understand, supporters of.”

In a telephone conversation with The National Watch, Beatrice Boateng, confirmed the story and said she received the message on her mobile phone around 5 :OO am on Sunday advising her to resign in her own interest or loss her life if she continued with the battle.

She said the message to her phone is not the very first but second to her. The first was sent to Augustus which basically tells everyone where the threat is coming from. She continued however that, she is not going to resign today or tomorrow.
Rather her supporters have charged her to gather momentum and go into the primaries to win the ultimate prize.
She told this paper that a formal complaint had been lodged to the police.

It would be recalled that The National Watch in its Tuesday, April 15, 2008 edition published that death threat messages were sent to Mr. Amponsem contesting the seat to step down if he wanted dear life or go ah~ad and contest and face the consequences.

However, the source of the text message was not known. The message also threatened to reach BB and this is exactly what has happened.

The National Watch gathered that besides the incumbent MP, Hon. Yaw Barima, three other contestants including BB and Amponsem are in the race.

Source: The National Watch