The Deputy Director of Defence Intelligence has denied reports that he was picked up by the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) in connection with the murder of former Deputy Managing Director of the Ghana Commercial Bank, Rokko Frempong.

The Daily Searchlight newspaper had reported on Wednesday that Lieutenant Colonel Oppong Peprah had been picked up by the BNI for his alleged involvement in the murder of Rokko Frempong.

Mr Frempong was killed at his home in Tema in 2007 and five soldiers being tried including Sergeants Michael Arthur and Richard Somuah as well as Corporal Charles Ankomah and Emmanuel Antwi, picked up by the BNI, are still in the custody of the bureau.

The report indicated that the BNI’s action was prompted by prosecution evidence that the five former officers of the 64 Infantry Regiment being tried for the murder have acted upon instructions from a superior.

But lawyer for the Deputy Director of Defense Intelligence, Kwame Akufo, has told Joy News that although his client was invited by the BNI for questioning, it had nothing to do with the murder of Rokko Frempong.

He said the invitation had to do with his alleged association with the 64 Infantry Regiment on an entirely diferrent subject.

Mr. Akufo will not give details about the exact issue though, but explained that it had to do with national security.



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