Chief Executive of the CEO’s Network, Ernest Degraft Egyiri, has highlighted the need to inculcate technological innovations in the country’s corporate sector.

According to him, the adaptation of digitisation in the industry will determine the success of Ghanaian businesses in this new age.

In his view, this move is very critical if companies are to thrive in the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

On the back of this, the Convenor for the Ghana CEOs Summit urged stakeholders in the country’s corporate sector to invest in the digital infrastructure.

“Are we prepared to make the needed investment for the transformative agenda which is upon us? In this new reality, the truth is, there will be losers, and there will be gainers,” he said.

Mr Egyiri spoke at the 5th edition of the Ghana CEO Summit on May 17 at the Kempinski Gold Coast Hotel in Accra.

Speaking to industry players at the event, he further mentioned that these innovations will have to ride in the back of a redirection of corporate values alongside the changing times.

This, according to him, includes policy realignment by government to create an enabling environment for the ever-evolving corporate world.

“In this new world, government may have to make some hard choices and string leadership may be called for in order to ensure that the social goods of the internet age are delivered.”

The event, which has been themed, “Digital Transformation: Powering Business and Government Reset for a Post-Pandemic Economic Resilience. A Public-Private Sector Dialogue,” has brought together all the topmost CEOs in the country to brainstorm on the best way to resuscitate the country after the global health crisis.

Also at the event was Vice President, Dr Mahamadu Bawumia, who touted government’s strides in the digitisation agenda.

According to him, adequate investment in fintech, including mobile money interoperability, Universal QR Codes and digital addressing systems, has driven innovations in unorthodox business transactions.

“These initiatives aim to digitise all sectors of the Ghanaian economy to ensure efficiency and ultimately achieve digital transformation,” the Vice President explained.