Vice President, Dr Mahamadu Bawumia has refuted claims by a section of the public that automation and digitalisation will create an undesirable era of joblessness where robots will replace manpower demands of industry.

Conservatives have, over the years, argued that advancement in technology and widespread deployment of robots would put a chunk of the youthful working population out of work.

But speaking at the inauguration of Academic City University College in Accra Wednesday, Dr. Bawumia said studies have shown that that argument is unfounded.

He argued that rather, a highly digitalised establishment with high use of robots and other digital technology increased staff numbers compared to institutions with limited digitalisation.

According to him, advancement in every civilized society according to the vice president will largely rely on advancement in Artificial intelligence and ICT.

“Undoubtedly, the successful economic transformation of every nation in the 21st century will significantly rely on the provision of tertiary education in digital and information technology ” Dr. Bawumia said.

The vice president who has been championing Ghana’s digitalization drive said the country is determined to actively participate and benefit significantly from the Fourth industrial revolution; a decision that has influenced the administration’s drive to pursue technology to solve problems.

The unique identification system for the general population, according to the Vice President, will eliminate ghost names on the public payroll.

This is because, “ghosts cannot have fingerprints and we’re able to fish them out ” the Ghana card which is serving as tax identification number, the national property address system will also help solve the problem of the absence of address system for offices which was also applicable to the whole country, the drone delivery service benefits from the Mobile money interoperability system, automation at the ports to reduce corruption, digitalization of passport application process, among many other interventions the administration is undertaking to solve problems.

He commended Academic city university college for pursuing AI and ICT.