Aspirants who were disqualified from vying for positions in the New Patriotic Party in the upcoming congress, are ignorant about the party, the vetting committee has stated.

Five persons – Fred Kwaku Amankwa Sarfo (Vice Chairman), Philomena Serwaa Akoto Sam (Vice Chairperson), HajiaFati Amadu (Vice Chairperson), Kamal – deen Abdullai (National Nasara Coordinator) and Charles Adu Gyamfi (National Youth Organizer) – were Thursday declared unqualified to contest their respective national positions in the party.

According to statement issued Saturday by the party's National Election Vetting Committee, the "persons were not successful due to their inability to exhibit enough knowledge of the party which high office they are seeking to occupy".

"They may appeal to the National Election Appeals Committee latest by 4pm on Monday 17th February 2014 if they wish to do so.

"The vetting of Mr. Paul Afoko contestant for the position of National Chairman has been put on hold until further Notice. Therefore balloting by contestants for the National Chairman Position also remains on hold until further Notice," the statement said.

Meanwhile, one of the disqualified aspirants, Fred Amankwa Sarfo has indicated his resolve to challenge the decision the bar him from running for the position simply because "I don't know the National Council of Elders" of the NPP.

Mr. Amankwa Sarfo believes he has what it takes to occupy the vice-chairman slot and help bring back the party to power in the next elections.

"What we are going to do in 2016 is critical; we need somebody with the core competencies to help us win elections which I think I have…I will not let things go," he vowed.  


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