There was drama at Agona Nsabaa in the Central Region when a mobile Disc Jockey (DJ) hired to provide good music as a means of entertaining dignitaries at the swearing in of the newly appointed Agona East District Chief Executive (DCE), Martin Luther Obeng, was nearly lynched.

But for the timely intervention of the Public Relations Officer for the Central Region Coordinating Council, Isaac Afanyi Donkor, the Disc Jockey would have been skinned alive.

It all began when the DJ (name withheld), in a bid to further soften the mood of the expectant crowd anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new DCE and the Regional Minister, Hon Ama Benyiwa Doe, inadvertently played a popular track titled ‘Nkratoɔ’, found on Lucky Mensah’s latest album.

The track has become an unofficial campaign song of the opposition NPP.

Peacefm’s Central Regional correspondent, Kwabena Marfo, who was at the scene of the incident said it was indeed a joyous occasion as the entire community had come out in their numbers to witness the swearing in of Hon. Obeng who was recently appointed by President Mills as the DCE for the area.

According to him, after dancing to the sound of brass band music, the locals requested a switch to secular music, and thus the DJ was prompted to do his stuff on the turn-table.

But to the surprise and annoyance of the crowd, the DJ inserted into the machine, the controversial ‘Nkratoɔ’ track by ace highlife musician, Lucky Mensah, believed to be directed at President Mills’ poor government, an allegation he (Mensah) has strenuously denied.

‘Nkratoɔ’ literally means sending a message to someone. The lyrics in the song paint a gloomy picture of happenings under the current NDC regime. It seeks to address the inefficiencies of the Mills’ government and the suffering of the masses who voted for President Mills and his government.

The song is also seen as time to pay back the NDC government following the poor treatment meted out to him after playing a major role in ensuring the party won power.

Clearly incensed by the DJ’s lack of discretion, some young men moved menacingly towards his (DJ) direction, ostensibly to teach him a lesson, but Mr. Isaac Afanyi Donkor, Spokesperson for the Central Regional Coordinating Council, was quick to save the situation.

Mr. Afanyi Donkor, who confirmed the incident to PeaceFM News, added that though the mob moved in the direction of the DJ, he (DJ) seemed oblivious to the danger he was in.

“…His back was turned to them and he seemed to be unaware of the controversy he had stirred…it took one of his boys to turn off the music…personally, I don’t think it was mischief on his part since he only wanted to play a danceable track for the crowd to enjoy…,” the PRO explained.

According to him, it would have been a different matter altogether if he had not had the presence of mind to whisk the DJ away, as the mob were really livid with anger.