The Concerned Youth of Suhum in the Suhum Municipality have appealed to President Akufo-Addo not to reappoint Margaret Darko Darkwa as Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of Suhum in the Eastern region.

A statement issued by the youth group said the MCE failed to connect with the grassroots of the party in the area and thus did nothing to support development of the area. .

“This is a woman who brought many cracks among the rank and file of the party, verbally assaulting the constituency chairman and other constituency executives. She doesn’t accord the traditional leaders with the needed respect and the youth as a whole, hence the appeal to the president not to re appoint her”.

According to the youth group, they are tired of the unproductive, divide and rule tactics of the MCE.

“One must ask why she couldn’t get a Presiding Member during the last assembly. The assembly members were just sending a signal to her and the municipality that she can’t lead them again and we think this will replicate if her name is mentioned again. Her poor human relationship, abuse of power, vindictiveness, vilification, amassing of wealth and her selfish nature has cost the municipality a lot,” the statement noted.

They alleged that her working relationship with the party hierarchy was unhealthy but they were able accommodated her though she wasn’t good for the job.

“We are pleading with President Akufo-Addo to consider the views of the people in the constituency and the constituency executives  before appointing a different person instead of retaining Mrs. Margaret Darko Darkwa”, they said.

They begged the President to appoint a person who connects well with the grassroots and who could contribute to the party’s fortunes in the constituency.

“We urge the Appointments Committee and the President to use independent sources to seek the concerns and feelings of the party members in the constituency rather than relying on people who wield some seeming influence in the constituency, they emphasized.