Savannah Regional Minister, Saeed Muhazu Jibril

The Savannah Regional Minister, Saeed Muhazu Jibriil has cautioned officials of the seven Municipal and District Assemblies (MDAs) as well as District Health Directorates (DHD) in the Region not to allow the bad blood between them to hinder the effective delivery of healthcare.

The Minister who is the immediate past Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for West Gonja, said he is aware of the differences between the two stakeholders in the Region and urged them to patch up for smooth healthcare delivery for the people.

He said this during the inauguration of a ten (10)-member Savannah Regional Health Service Committee by members of the Ghana Health Service Council in Damongo.

The Committee is mandated to steer the affairs of health delivery in the Region.

The Committee members include; Dr. David Kwabena Mensah, Dr. Chrysantus Kuubio, Makpanwura Jakpa Achore – Ade Borenyi Sadique and Sheikh Eliasu Mohammed Karmil.

The rest are; Rev. Faustina Awuni, Hajia Fuseina Sulemana, Aiden Mgmenbon, Yaw Adu Asamoah and Dr. Serene Akpanya.

According to the Regional Minister, as a former MCE, “I know the working relations between Municipal and District Assemblies and District Health Directorates are not always good, simply because the health directorates are not part of the Local Government system.”

He also indicated that the two bodies have no choice but to work together adding, “now, you have to work hand in hand with the districts because, as I speak, we forwarded the working frame for all the seven (7) Municipal and District Assemblies in the Savannah Region and only three (3) of the districts have CHIPS compounds which is not very good”.

Mr. Saeed Muhazu Jibril appealed to the Committee members to take their advisory duties seriously so as to help resolve the challenges and enhance quality health delivery to the people.

The Chairman of the Board, Dr. David Kwabena Mensah on behalf of the members appealed to the Savannah Regional Coordinating Council and officialdom to join hands with them to reduce the bottlenecks that are hindering quality healthcare Service in the Region.

The three-member team from the Ghana Health Service Council that visited the region to familiarise themselves with the working environment include; Colonel Gorden A.O. Appiah, William Frimpong Bonsu and Isaac Kwesi Hammond.

The team visited three districts in the West Gonja Municipality, Sawla – Tuna – Kalba and Bole Districts.

The leader of the team, Colonel (Rtd) Gorden A. O. Appiah, in an interview with JoyNews indicated that the visit, among others, was to help them touch base and interact with health managers, staff, clients and other key stakeholders at the health service delivery points.

He added that the visit, “has paid off because it would help us get direct solutions in resolving some of the challenges because most of the things we heard whilst in Accra, were confirmed today.”

He said the team is impressed with the efforts that the Region has made in resolving the prevailing challenges.

“So, as part of our plans, we are going back to sit and analyse all the challenges that are identified and see how best we can bring in some innovation to enable them to deliver quality services”. Col. (Rtd) Gorden A.O. Appiah said.

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