Martin Amidu

Anti-corruption campaigner, Martin Amidu has advised against rigging in the selection of Civil Society organizations onto the new governing board of the Office of the Special Prosecutor.

According to the former Special Prosecutor, the Office will be of little use if organisations affiliated with the government are allowed to infiltrate its ranks.

These come even as parliament readies to vet the new Special Prosecutor-nominee, Kissi Agyebeng.

Don't rig CSOs' nomination onto Office of Special Prosecutor Board - Martin Amidu tells Akufo-Addo

The legal practitioner and Chairman of the Electronic Communications Tribunal, Kissi Agyebeng was nominated in April following Mr Amidu’s resignation.

Mr Amidu believes the Presidents commitment to fighting graft has been mere rhetorics advising that this partisan approach must be shunned in the constitution if the Board members who come for Civil Society Organisations (CSOs).

“At the time President Akufo Addo was making his highfalutin statements he knew that he had collaborated with his dual nationality citizen friends populating a particular Civil Society Organization to rig the nomination and electoral process for selecting the representative of the Anti-Corruption Civil Society Organizations.”

He says though this was happening, the genuinely neutral CSOs on the board did not have the courage to speak up.

Martin Amidu wants all of it to change.

According to him, as the selection of a new governing board is in the offing, “these facts need to be known so that patriotic Ghanaians will be alert and support the Anti-Corruption Civil Society Organizations to ensure that this time around their chosen representative is sworn-in by the President when the new Board comes to be inaugurated.”

He called on the President and the government to refrain from treating the OSP as “another law enforcement agency which behaves like the fowls’ court when cases affecting poor citizens, viewed as cockroaches, as distinct from “The Family”, are sent or referred to for investigation: cockroaches have no case in the court or forum of the fowls no matter how good their complaint.”