Some people will do anything to avoid taking their car to the garage for a repair.

This unnamed driver took some inspiration from Mr Bean and fitted bolts and padlocks to the outside instead of getting it fixed.

Thomas Godfrey, 49, spotted the handy work while he was driving in Barnet, north London, and couldn’t resist taking a snap of the silver Peugeot.

PIC FROM Kennedy News and Media (PICTURED: THE CAR WITH THE OUTSIDE BOLTS WHICH THOMAS GODFREY SNAPPED) A motorist was stunned when he drove past a bonkers driver who had installed bolts and padlocks on the OUTSIDE of his car - much like on Mr Bean's iconic green mini. Thomas Godfrey, 49, was on the A406 in Barnet, London, when he was baffled by the bizarre makeshift security system on the passenger door of an overtaking silver Peugeot. The unknown car owner had taken his vehicle's security into his own hands with a sliding straight bolt AND a hasp and staple with room for a padlock. SEE KENNEDY NEWS COPY - 0161 697 4266
The driver took some inspiration from Mr Bean when he fixed his car

Mandatory Credit: Photo by National Motor Museum/REX/Shutterstock (4177467a) Austin Mini belonging to tv's Mr. Bean VARIOUS
Mr Bean famously locked up his mini with a padlock

Thomas, from Bermondsey, south London, said: ‘I don’t know why you would do that – why would you do that? You’d have to get it fixed properly, wouldn’t you? One lock, yeah maybe, but two locks? It’s just crazy.

It’s like he’s gone down to B&Q and spent £20 on locks. ‘The thing that got me is that he’s put the duct tape over the lock so that no water gets in. ‘One lock would have been fine – a padlock would have done it rather than the gate lock as well.

Thomas added: ‘I thought it was crazy. The guy did give me a funny look as I was peering at him. ‘Obviously I’m trying to look and thinking “what a weird thing, this geezer must be a right weirdo”. ‘It’s a bit of a nuts things to do, to be honest with you.

‘Obviously you’re not supposed to be using a mobile phone at the wheel no matter what but we were stationary in traffic and I couldn’t resist it.’

Mr Bean famously locked up his car with a padlock on the outside of his green mini in the hit sitcom. But despite the comparisons made with Rowan Atkinson’s beloved character,

Thomas admits he’s never even watched Mr Bean. The full-time driver said: ‘I’ve never watched Mr Bean – I know he’s got a little green mini.’