Players in the hospitality industry have welcomed President Akufo-Addo’s decision to open the land and sea boarders, and further easing of COVID-19 restrictions.

However, they want their members to continue to adhere to the COVID-19 protocols until the disease is completely eradicated.

According to them, the move will boost the tourism economy which thrives on movement of people.

Executive Secretary of the Ghana Tourism Federation, Emmanuel Frimpong said the opening of the boarders is a welcoming news for their members, since the COVID-19 restrictions had impacted negatively on their businesses.

“For us, is a welcoming news because the benefits are far more reaching than the fees that we’ve been paying at the airport [Kotoka International Airport]. The impact of COVID-19 on our industry has been quiet devastating. We’ve had people that have lost their businesses, people have lost their livelihoods, people have lost their investments.”

 “We hope the restrictions that have been reduced will come to help us rebound. But we also throw a caution to our members that we shouldn’t take advantage of the restrictions that has been removed”, he explained.

The President of the Ghana Hotels Association, Dr. Edward Ackah-Nyamikeh, also said, the hotel industry will witnessed traffic at all their facilities, following the further easing of the COVID-19 restrictions.

“It’s coming at a time where we are beginning to experience some stabilisation in our operations and also getting a bit close to pre-COVID-19 performance. So it’s certainly coming at a time where we are going to see more performance and better performances in the industry.”

“Certainly, you know I’ve always mentioned that that the tourism and hospitality industry thrives on the movement of people. So with the opening of the land boarders, which will definitely result in the movement of people across the country, it is a plus for us”, he pointed out.

Additionally, he said “our hotels are going to see more traffic at their facilities because of the removal of the restrictions. Also the easing of the COVID-19 restrictions at the Kotoka International Airport will also add to the performance of the industry”.