The Electoral Commission (EC) will on Friday continue the registration exercise that was commenced yesterday.

The exercise, which was ideally meant to end in a day is to recommence registration between 7 am to 6 pm at their district offices for persons who turned up for registration yesterday but were unable to get registered.

According to the EC, coupons were issued out to these persons for easy identification.

Various centres for the registration exercise recorded a huge turnout yesterday, with some political parties having to call for extensions to house the numbers.

Some other centres were also noted to call for more machines in order to take care of the overwhelming numbers.

The October 1 exercise was meant for eligible voters who could not participate in the main registration in June and July, as well as others who recently turned 18.

Some other persons who were included are voters who were outside the country due to Covid-19 restrictions, and those who were under a 14-day mandatory quarantine and could not take part in the mass voter registration.

Eligible voters who were duly issued voter ID cards but whose names are missing from the register under exhibition were also given the chance to register.