EC must act to avert election day disaster: CODEO

The Coalition of Domestic Election Observers (CODEO) Coordinator John Larbie has addressed flaws in the electoral registration system, urging the Electoral Commission (EC) to revise its procedures in order to improve efficiency.

Larbie appeared on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show Monday, saying that the current versions of the voter registers are inaccurate, missing some names and listing others multiple times.

The EC has opened exhibition centers where voters can verify their entries in the register, but all the voter information at these centers lies in a single book manned by one employee, an arrangement that Larbie contends, makes the process very tedious.

He suggests that if the logs are spread out in a large, visible display, voters will be able to save time by confirming their registration themselves and even checking the registration status of friends.

Such a system would improve efficiency by freeing up the exhibit center worker to address discrepancies in the register rather than wasting time on voters already listed in the register, he suggested.

Larbie was careful to point out that even if this measure is implemented, the burden will remain on voters to verify their registration status, saying that this problem can only be solved through widespread cooperation.

He called on political parties to encourage their voters to visit the exhibition centers and confirm their registration.