The Electricity Company of Ghana has expressed its willingness to assist the health facilities affected by the power cut in the Yilo and Manya Krobo municipalities.

This is in response to reports from families in the Yilo and Manya Krobo municipalities that mortuary operators have asked them to come and pick up the remains of their loved ones.

The concern is that the bodies are decomposing in the wake of the community-wide power cut.

The Managing Director of ECG, Samuel Mahama says his office is ready to provide the health facilities with fuel to enable them to keep their power plants running.

He called on the authorities of the hospitals to engage ECG in a discussion to agree on the way forward to enable them carry on with their life-saving services.

“I have spoken to my people, the hospital should have come forward. Let’s have a chat to see how we can resource them with fuel,” he said.

In an interview with JoyNews on Monday, one of the youth activists in the area, Edmund Aboagye said about five families have received incessant calls from mortuary attendants to retrieve their bodies because they are rotting at the facility.

According to him, the mortuary attendants say they cannot afford to fuel the generators that keep the facility running.

These facilities have been reeling under the impact of a community wide cut in electricity for weeks as the power distributor insists power will only be restored if residents commit to allowing the installation of prepaid meters.

“Their main issue is how much they are spending on diesel, you cannot be using power and not want to pay. This is not wickedness we have to be honest but we need to admit that we came to govern and not to swindle the country else we will run into a debt of 500 million in a year or 2.”