You know what people do to contacts on their phones they hardly call, hardly hear from  or contacts that have simply become an albatross around their phones?

Yeah right. They delete them.

That's exactly what Ghanaians and many youths have done to their nation while they scroll through the vocabulary of this country.

They replaced hardwork with 'tweaa'

They deleted sacrifice and added 'Sarkology'.

Selflessness with seflies

And for patriotism, they just deleted it, went into the recycle bin and deleted it permanently again, checked the phone into a repair center and formatted it again just to make sure patriotism just doesn't show up.

In fact, the only words that start with 'P' on Ghana's mobile phone is – Pessimism, President and Peanuts.

And so, rightly so, President Mahama is worried. But he just doesn't know why…..

President Mahama on July 7, 2014.

‘’We have become a nation of pessimists; every day we are bombarded with everything that is wrong with our nation, never with what we are doing right…,’’

[Assuming ] He still doesn't know why

President Mahama on September 23, 2012,

“Let us eschew pessimism, we must count our blessings and our successes and we must continuously ask God why are we so blessed; it is only with such a positive frame of mind that we can overcome any challenge facing us…,’’ he said

[Assuming] And still, he still doesn't know why…..

"President Mahama has expressed worry that the sense of nationalism and patriotism and wanting to die for the country that Ghana’s first President, Dr Kwame Nkrumah, promoted was waning.

“We have to work to restore this sense of nationalism and patriotism to make our nation one that we can be proud of,” he said at a wreath-laying ceremony in memory of Dr Nkrumah at the Nkrumah Memorial Park in Accra".

So let's help the President to know why.

Okay. Please call in former Minister of Youth and Sports Elvis Afriyie Ankrah. He worked for the youth, with the youth and through the youth…he must have some answers – And he does.


Elvis Afriyie-Ankrah, the former Minister of Youth and Sports has revealed to the World Cup Commission of Inquiry into the Brazil puzzle that Ghana spent GH¢188,665 on a presidential balls for the Black Stars.

The former Minister has also revealed that the Sports Ministry spent GH¢22,857 to build a website for the World Cup and GH¢461,020 on publicity.

It emerged at the sitting also that players of the Black Stars received a meager fee of $100 each day, while the 15 World Cup ambassadors and  others officials received $200 and $150 each day respectively.

According to the former minister,1,287 World Cup match tickets went unused at the competition. the circumstances that compelled supporters to watch two of Black Stars matches on the screen in the camp, though they were supposed to be at the stadium.

Yeah that's what and where patriotism went to. It went to Brazil – and never came back.

Patriotism was actually part of the asylum-seekers in Brazil.

The thing about the revelations at the Presidential World Cup Commission of Inquiry is that too many of them are no-brainers.

Ah? But how can an ambassador take $200 when the player who is the reason for the 'ambassadering' is getting $100?

See – we use ambassador  for situations, conditions or plights that are under-emphasized, neglected or shunned or maybe – new. So we parade a couple of beautiful girls to demonstrate how they can use their beauty if not their brains to help highlight an unknown or less familiar disease like, like eerrrrr -yeah

Like – Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis ( we left the pronunciation for you]

Or maybe Glo Communications knows nobody in Ghana and nobody knows Glo so they rope in Jackie Appiah and Reggie and the Liberian guy who is popular in Nigeria too -eerrr Van Vicker. Yes.

But ambassadors for a World Cup??? That's like taking carbon dioxide to Mars – there is so much of  it there already. (96%

Our players were our best ambassadors to market Ghana. The 22-man squad play in 8 different countries and across 44 cities in Europe and Africa.

These ambassadors only know and are known in two countries Ghana and Nigeria and – menh- if ever anybody wants to know about Ghana in Brazil, they will know through a shot by Jonathan Mensah than a movie shot by John Dumelo.

This is where patriotism went to. It was an ambassador in Brazil.

And so when Elvis Afriyie served that Black Stars fired rice and a North Atlantic right whale  each at the dinner….

Oh, it definitely must be a North Atlantic right whale – one of the about 400 left in the universe cos that's the only way to explain GH¢188,665,000 for a presidential ball for 22-players and technical handlers.

And Elvis that website for GH¢22,857,000? It definitely must have a section where you actually sleep online in a 5-star hotel on the website. Or a section for manicure, pedicure, gambling or a chance to take a selfie with Neymar while he scored that beautiful goal against

Otherwise that thing is a piece of %^&*(((**#$@??????@#11###

This is where patriotism went to. It was on the Black Stars website which nobody would need after a month maximum.

In the end it was a good thing that President Mahama set up on enquiry into the World Cup campaign. The FIFA-fear mongers can keep mongering.

But it is a dangerous thing to do if the President the findings are left to gather dust.

Yet here is the thing about Elvis Afriyie Ankrah.

Despite everything else, it is so easy to feel sorry for him. You can get angry with him but there is still something about Elvis that weakens your resolve remain angry.

There is something about Elvis Afriyie Ankrah…….

Yes -here is it. If a woman got 5 slaps from her husband in a previous marriage, the man who dishes out one a day is the kindest man you know.

After all and said and done, this man remains one of the most  humble persons in a pride-infested executive. Listen to how a he talks – respectful. Watch his posture – admitting wrong, biting the bullet.

He has been open and pretty much transparent. He talks like he knows you are more intelligent than him – and if not for Brazil, he remained E-Lab's favourite public servant. We loved him here. He spoke to journalist as if he knows Ghanaians – not NDC foot soldiers – are listening. We loved him here.

But if the most humble face can screw you up like this – you are left to wonder what the pompous kingkongs are doing behind your back.

So President John Mahama, if you wanna know what happened to patriotism, ask Elvis Afriyie Ankrah cos right now – patriotism is a refugee in Brazil.